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Commit to be fit!

Individuals or Groups

Some great early morning, late afternoon, and early evening times just opened up!

I am open from the hours between 

Mon- Wed-Fri

6:45 - 8:30am and early evenings

Tues-Thurs and early evenings


Contact me! 

(405) 202-7039


$1 a minute with a minimum of 30 minutes 

within my geographic area (East Edmond)

30 minutes = $30 

45 minutes = $45

60 minutes = $60

Group pricing

each person added to the training session is a $10 charge more

for example

One person - 45 minute session = $45.

Add a person = $55 and you split the cost 55/2 = s $27.50 each and so on

Let's get started

I am a trainer who loves and lives fitness! 

I have been a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor for over 30 years.

I have trained all fitness levels, shapes, and sizes!

Training techniques are taught through a creative mix of functional compound movements that are effective, challenging and will keep you motivated. 


I customize each workout according to what each specific client needs whether in a small group or a private session.

Unlike weight training machines, which only target and isolate specific muscles, functional compound movement training involves the entire body engaging in movement!

This type of training adapts and develops exercises which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily which will decrease life altering injuries.

Check out all the great ways to achieve your fitness and health goals with the personal attention you deserve:

  • Resistance & Strength training

  • Pickleball strength, conditioning, and speed work. 

  • TRX Workouts

  • Boot Camp/HIIT

  • Pilates - mat and reformer

  • Stand up paddle boarding

  • Aqua fitness

  • Post Rehabilitation

  • Stretching/Flexibility

  • Run training and race preparation

  • Triathlon training and race preparation

  • Swim stroke training and triathlon prep

  • Weight Loss/Nutritional Counseling

  • Wedding/Buff Bride Training

  • Reunion Buff body training

  • Pre/Post Natal Training

  • Yoga

  • Barre

  • Aqua Floating Fitness 

Everyone from those who just want to get in shape to professional athletes, grandmothers, teenagers, military who need to pass their fitness test, pickle ballers, new mothers, triathletes, runners, special needs, and post physical therapy.

My certifications include:
Personal Training 
Group Exercise Land/Water/Spin
Pilates Mat & Reformer 
SpeedoFit Training

Aqua Barre/Pilates     

Floating fitness (in swimming pools)

Stand Up Paddle boarding 

Red Cross Instructor CPR/AED/First Aid & Lifeguard Certifications
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