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Q: What's the parking situation?  You are welcome to pull down and park on the grass.

There is a paved lot to the North of me and you are welcome to park there but you will need to walk to the launch site.


Q. Does the lake charge a fee?

Yes, it is $3 a car. I do not collect the fee.

There is a drop box located by the boat dock, north of my launching site. 

Q: Do I need a reservation? 

Reservations for rentals are not required, but on busy days

we often run out  SUPs.

Q. Are there restrooms.

The restrooms are located North of my launch site at the by the

boat dock.

Q: What should I bring?

  • Water bottle

  • Footwear that you don’t mind getting wet and muddy. You will leave shoes at the shoreline.

  • Sun protection.

  • Anything else you’d like to have with you (phone, beverages, camera, snack, etc).

If you do not have a dry bag, ice chest, or waterproof phone case, you can buy one from me.

Q:  What skills are required to paddle board.

None really!

Our staff will give you some pointers and if possible, we will paddle out with you for a bit.

Please understand that we cannot stay with you the entire time.

Everyone is required to drop down to your knees orsit on the SUP when near the shore.

Just remember, if you fall, you are just falling in the water!

Q: Can I take my young child on the SUP with me.

Children under the age of ages 7 may ride the SUP with a parent.

But the maximum weight limit of 300 lbs cannot be exceeded.



If you are sure you are going paddling, it's a good idea to

make a reservation. It's especially important if you have

a large group or a preference on time.

Q.How far can I go in a hour.

That actually depends on how fast and hard you paddle. A map and timer will be provided.

Q: What is your cancellation policy? 

Please refer to cancellation policy

Q: What type of weather do you delay opening or not open at all.

The Oklahoma weather can change very quickly so there are times we will close early, open late or are forced not to open at all

All rentals are weather permitting and are not available when it is raining, there is lightning within 30 miles, and/ or the wind exceeds 15 mph.

Q. How will I know when you are delaying opening, closing early, or not opening at all?

When there is inclement weather or weather has moved in quickly, I will post updates on my Instagram (add Link) 

Q. When coming to the Full Moon Paddle, can we bring our own kayak or paddle board and if I bring my own, what is the cost.

Of course you can!! Everyone is welcome!

You only need to pay the lake fee of $3 which needsto be dropped off at the honor box located at the boat dock.

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